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We provide comprehensive publishing services to ensure our writers receive every due penny and that their works are registered with rights societies worldwide. Through collaborative efforts and co-writing, we assist our writers in development, while also pitching their music for opportunities in advertising, television, and film. Our commitment extends to offering holistic support, strategic guidance, and general advice to further propel their musical journey.


Space to Create and Collaborate

Our writers have use of our writing studio space located at our HQ in beautiful East Yorkshire.

Sound Recording Rights Management

We have a great system set up to manage artists' sound recordings — administering and increasing their associated (Neighbouring Rights) royalties including (but not limited to) distribution and marketing.  

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Our consultancy services provide comprehensive support and guidance, covering areas like catalogue management, global rights, and digital strategies. We aid songwriters in optimising their catalogues for maximum impact. Please don't hesitate to get in touch today to commence a discussion or arrange an appraisal session.

Partial Rights Buyouts

We also take on catalogues in a way that can enables songwriters to access funds while ensuring the protection of their writer's share and future revenue stream.
Feel free to get in touch today if you'd like to learn more. 

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